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I keep humming the words to an old song, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”.     You may remember it.  Well so far this summer has been crazy, but as for lazy, not so much!

We just wrapped up the July 3rd Celebration which had a fantastic turnout and great, great fireworks.  Our volunteers pulled off a fantastic event, but they dedicated 1000’s of hours to do it.

We also just said goodbye to our Bible School students until next summer.  Again, without our volunteers who serve in every capacity, we could not host such a great event. Both of these events were great examples of the spirit of Elizabeth Lutheran. 

We also just finished helping feed over 214 families at the Community Pantry.  Again, all these things require planning, volunteers, and hard work.  THANK YOU!!!!

So, now what?  Is it time maybe to relax a bit, because school will be starting in a few weeks?  We get so used to the cycle of the year that we may easily forget what changes from summer to summer.  What have you noticed?  I have noticed each summer:  1. Either, I get shorter or these kids are growing like weeds.  2. These kids are getting smarter. 3. There is a big difference between being a high school senior and a college freshman. 4. Yardwork gets to be less fun. 5. I do not even think about doing anything strenuous. 6. I look forward to hearing about school plans, vacation trips and upcoming events in the lives of our congregation. 7. I get a thrill when I watch our smallest children start walking and talking and especially when they smile and lean forward for a blessing during church.

What else do I notice?  Simply this; the really cool things right now revolve around the people I know.  We do have a cool church.  Summer seems to just fly by and is highlighted by images of our church family from youngest to oldest. 

To be sure the world seems to have gone crazy.  Nothing seems to be the same as it was just a few years ago.  Outside of Caldwell, I often sense that it is not OK to be just dad, grandpa, pastor or retired Soldier.  It seems, I am not cool.  I am constantly reminded that I am apparently horribly prejudiced, filled with anger, a failure in all I have done, and a loathsome representative of an oppressive institution: the church!  Most of this is said by the larger church organizations. 

Wow, if all the Politically Correct people are right, then I am in a world of hurt.  But then; someone calls with a need, I hear the children sing or I see them pause, bow and come by the altar to give me a hug during the “Passing of the Peace”.  I look at our incredible young people, heading to college or to jobs and I know that behind those kids are incredible parents and grandparents who did a lot of things right.  Like many people, I am sort of lost in a topsy-turvy world.  Sometimes when I am studying at the house I can hear children playing outside in the neighborhood.  Then things feel OK.

Maybe I am so irretrievably old fashioned that I will never again be cool.  Our world seems to have forgotten ideas of open and respectful discussion, civility, compassion, humility and personal responsibility.  It is the negative news stories and endless finger-pointing that can bring us down very easily.  It is also the infomercials that try to scare us into buying stuff we do not need. 

Yet, it is the transforming love of God through Christ Jesus that can bring us up again.  There is another song I like that begins with “This is my Father’s world”.  It is too easy to forget that we live in the Lord’s world.  We are here for but a short time, why do we waste that time worrying, blaming, regretting or fighting?                                                                                                                                                





Pastor Richard E. Brunk, Jr.






Pastor Ricardo was confirmed at Redeemer Lutheran Church in the Panama Canal Zone, graduated from Augsburg Lutheran Seminary in Mexico City and later served Mission Posts in Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico City.  He was ordained in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in1972, later joining the ELCA.  He served Texas churches; Peace, Pasadena; Prince of Peace, South Houston; Redeemer and King of Glory, both Houston; New Life, Pearland; among others. His wife, Raquel, also attended Seminary.


They have three children: Mitch who works at the Texas Medical Center, Roxana who works for United Airlines and in Real Estate and Joel who works in a Container processing company.  They are the proud grandparents of five; four boys and one girl. Pastor Ricardo’s birthday is May 6 and Raquel's is June 11.  Pastor Ricardo is our new part-time Associate Pastor for Visitation and can be reached at: 832-494 7710.